Hello XAFers,

Who is ready for our XAFers Community Standup? - Feb 11th at 10:00 (GMT-7)

We will be discussing XAF Security System. Dennis (XAF’s PM) will give an overview of the Enterprise-Ready Role-based Access Control (RBAC) & User Authentication that XAF offers us out of the box.

Joche will present how to use XAF security in Xamarin and wait for it... in UNO. I will show it in Blazor, WinForms and WebForms. As always our DevExpress MVPs Manuel and Dave will be joining us, so don't forget to ask Manuel about his Identity Server implementation.

We will also discuss Identity Providers, Azure AD and more.

Quick spoiler: Did you know XAF Security System has more than 10K unit tests? We definitely would not want to implement that ourselves.

After the meetup I would update this issue with all the demos presented.

Update on Feb 15: Link to demos -

See you guys tomorrow. As always XAF Out!

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